You Have Every Right to Be Pissed Off at Anti-Maskers and Vaccine Skeptics

What’s happening is outrageous.

Jessica Wildfire
6 min readAug 15, 2021


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San Antonio ran out of ambulances last night.

In Florida last week, a high school teacher with cancer begged her students to wear masks. Only half of them bothered.

This is just the beginning.

Delta has taken over, and our collective attitude sucks. There’s 2,000 children in hospitals, despite earlier promises they weren’t at risk. Yesterday, someone called me “hysterical” for caring. My sister-in-law keeps telling us there’s no reason to be so “scared.” They don’t get it.

We’re not (just) afraid.

We’re not panicking. We’re not anxious. We’re not pacing around our homes all day hot and breathless with fear.

We know what’s going on.

We’re angry.

We have every right to be. Some of us might feel a misplaced sense of schadenfreude about the tens of thousands of largely unvaccinated people filling up hospitals across the south. We shouldn’t.

Mostly, we feel immense contempt.

This didn’t have to happen.

Unvaccinated people have made our lives hell.

If you’re angry, I’m here to tell you:

Your emotions are valid.

If you feel outrage at the sheer stupidity going on right now, you have every right to vocalize it. Right now, our hospitals are overflowing people who had every chance to protect themselves. They could’ve masked. They could’ve gotten vaccinated. They could’ve stayed home.

Instead, they chose not to.

They still are.

They didn’t just decide to disregard common sense once or twice. They’ve done it every single day, going on two years now. They called this pandemic a hoax. They lectured us on individual freedom and personal responsibility. They touted miracle cures. They held rallies. They jeered at us. They gaslit us. They tried to overthrow our government. They accused us of virtue signaling. They griped about cancel culture and victimhood culture, while portraying themselves as the…