Your intelligence might be hiding from you

How Multiple Intelligences Theory can restart your life & career.

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Finding a hidden intelligence

Most of us managed to survive public school. Now you’re in college, or your early 20s. Or you’re mid life, and mid career. The old judgements still haunt you. The bad grades, the test scores.

  • Bodily-kinesthetic. Think dancers, choreographers, martial artists, athletes, and personal trainers.
  • Musical. Think recording artists and sound engineers, singers, song writers, and composers.
  • Interpersonal. Think social workers, press agents, community organizers, hosts, and waiters.
  • Linguistic. Think journalists, novelists, copywriters, editors, professors, and lawyers.
  • Logical-Mathematical. Think scientists, engineers, and coders.

My hidden intelligence

A part of me had always known I was made for writing and teaching. The details didn’t matter. Of course, it took me until halfway through college to straddle my future. Until then, I’d let everyone else decide.

Why more schools haven’t embraced MI

Some districts have started to incorporate multiple intelligences. That’s great for future generations, but the rest of us need help.

Take back your brain, and your future

Maybe you struggled through a poor, urban school designed to limit your aspirations. Or you got mislabeled and bullied by your teachers for being dumb, or slow.

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