You don’t need my permission to love your abusive family. Go love them. Why do you feel the need to convince me to love mine? You aren’t me, and I’m not you.

Sorry if you haven’t had any good friends. I’ve kept mine for about 13 years now. Of course, I can see why you’d try to tell other people family’s all you have, when it’s literally all you have.

I respond harshly to people like you because you’re the ones guilt-tripping us for making different decisions about our families. That comment you just made? You aren’t expressing an opinion, you’re trying to tell me how to live and either directly or indirectly insulting me. That doesn’t earn my respect, and it doesn’t deserve an open-minded response.

Finally, I’m responding to people like you because I want other readers to see how flimsy your arguments are, and how easy it is to take them apart.

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She’s the funny one.

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