You Don’t Need a Best Friend

Try treating them all with some healthy skepticism.

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

Your friends can’t always help you.

Friendship entitles you to nothing, and that’s the healthiest view. Anything else dead ends with disappointment. This truth hit me hard halfway through college. At the height of my mom’s schizophrenic meltdowns, I drove to a friend’s house and asked to stay for a few nights.

You have to be your own best friend.

Sometimes, you have to wade through your own mud. Most of my friends had never dealt with abuse or trauma before. They were frolicking through their late teens and early 20s, finding themselves.

Help happens by accident.

Not everyone sets out to do you a huge favor. My best friend technically introduced me to my spouse. She never expected us to walk down the aisle. When we got engaged, she started scheming.

Free yourself from transactional friendship.

We don’t even know what we mean when we call someone a best friend. It seems to mean everything from standing by you during a difficult time, to knowing you the longest.

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