You can’t fix the entire world

How to stop letting every asshole ruin your day.

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Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Bad encounters can torch your day.

Even now, I’m reliving my encounter with the bro. Thinking up all the fancy one-liners I could’ve shouted back. Like right after he said fuck me, I could’ve sneered, “You wish,” or “Not today, pal.”

Make games, not war

Nothing makes me want to create more than these random encounters. They fire me up. Maybe some people feel the need to pay the punishment forward. Not me. Instead I’ll write, or sing. But only in the shower.

You can’t change strangers

Nothing I could say in two minutes would convince a bro to buy a leash for his big ass, aggressive dog. He may never understand the irony of verbally abusing someone after letting his dog attack them.

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She’s the funny one.

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