You Can Fake Your Humility

Perform your best self, even if you’re a bad person.

What is humility, except an internal form of pride? A secret pride, one that matters. One you don’t have to show off, because it’s real.

With me, something inside my head makes me care enough about other people to correct my deepest failings. It’s not a one-time fix, though. I have to monitor myself all the time. Exhausting, but it works. I fake a persona, because part of me knows how I should act.

Whatever you lack, you have to make for yourself. You have to perform it.

This advice goes deeper than the old cliche, fake it ’til you make it. Because that never helped much. Fake what exactly, until we make it…where? What are we trying to accomplish with all our faking?

We see so much in-authenticity in the world. Facebook. Instagram. And so on. People craft their personas more than ever. Some of us have never had a choice, because we have monstrous flaws.

Now let me tell you about the second time I got too drunk. As if there were only two. Well, only two that matter here.

For almost all of us, at one point, everything in the world has depended on what some guy or girl thinks about us after last call. Walking away means progress.

The next day, I thanked myself for not grandstanding — even as I drove home with a sickening hangover. And sleeping in my own bed never felt so good — even if my own bed was an air mattress.

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