You Shouldn’t Have to Risk Everything for a Little Financial Security

It’s becoming the only way.

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

We all dream of escape.

Lately it feels like the only way to survive the future is to become a billionaire with an escape pod. The economy has gone haywire. White supremacist terrorism is on the rise. Immune-resistant viruses are popping up all around the world. Working hard until you can retire and dabbling in the stock market a little? That’s the old dream.

The old financial system is broken.

Our elders are fresh out of sage advice.

Desperation makes you vulnerable to scams.

We keep reading about the importance of learning how money works. We’re told to invest. The truth is brutal.

Few can afford to invest in the stock market.

The meme stock game was fun, but it’s already coming to an end. Hedge fund managers and their lobbyists aren’t going to sit around and let paupers make fools of them in front of the entire world.

The current economy is full of delusion.

Our increasing financial desperation makes us desperate, and that desperation makes us delusional.

Don’t wind up like my uncle.

I’m no financial wizard, but I do have enough money to buy a couple of bitcoins if I wanted. I’m not doing that. My family has enough heartbreaking stories about someone who tried to get rich through investing, and instead lost everything.

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