Wow, this belongs in one of the top publications. Maybe Human Parts? As for your friend:

All you have to do is feed them: You mean anticipate when they’re hungry, cook nutritious food, make sure it’s not too hot, make sure they don’t choke on it, show them how to use eating utensils over a period of 6–10 months, wipe up all the food they spill or drop on purpose, and watch them for allergic reactions to new foods? Yeah, sounds so simple…

All you have to do is clothe them: You mean buy them new clothes every few months as they grow out of them, change those clothes (and diapers) several times a day, treat rashes and skin infections, bathe them between clothing changes, physically get the clothes on and off as they cry and squirm, and wash those clothes every other day?

Yeah, your friend was a bit naive — as we know for sure now.


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She’s the funny one.

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