World War III Has Already Started, and You’re Fighting It

Pick a side.

Jessica Wildfire


Photo by November Wong on Unsplash

The world has ended before.

Just look up the word Holodomor, an engineered famine that killed anywhere from 4 to 10 million people in Ukraine during a single winter. The word means mass murder by starvation. Ukraine officially considers it genocide, as do a handful of other countries. Here’s what happened: Under Stalin, The Soviet Union forced the country to over-harvest in order to meet staggering grain quotas, which led to famine. In other words, they stole another country’s crops. Then they stormed into homes and confiscated food. Left with nothing, people turned to cannibalism.

We’re not just talking about a few cases. Thousands of ordinary, educated, innocent people killed and ate each other. Parents had to decide if they were going to become meat for their children.

It makes you sick to read about.

Imagine living it.

We let history repeat itself.

There’s a few reasons why a lot of people don’t know about the Holodomor. The Soviet Union banned discussion of it. They also hid as much of the true story as they could. There’s another reason…

It’s a harsh lesson in humanity.

It’s bad enough to learn about events like The Holocaust. It’s something else to grapple with the fact that, throughout history, on varying scales, world leaders have been invading other countries and pillaging their resources, murdering their own citizens through the most appalling means, including children, and coming up with justifications for it.

Stalin didn’t just steal Ukraine’s food. He didn’t just subject them to famine and mass murder by starvation. He told them they deserved it. He told them it was their fault. He blamed the famine on farmers for hiding food. He accused people of eating their own children.

He called them barbaric.

It’s a hard lesson that Stalin murdered upwards of 20 million people while trying to modernize and industrialize Russia. It’s hard to see that his crimes were ecological and environmental, and those ecological crimes killed millions. It’s hard to read about gulags and secret police rounding up…