Women Are Giving Up on Men and Retreating from Public Spaces

They’re tired of the aggression.

Jessica Wildfire


Richard Miller

A woman goes to a coffee shop to do some work.

Out of nowhere, a random dude shows up. He starts moving her stuff and putting his things on the table. When she asks what he’s doing, he says he’s just “testing how nice you are.”

It’s a thing.

Apparently, pickup artists have been advising men to go out and do this to women they don’t even know. The goal is to figure out how submissive they are, and how easy to manipulate.

So that explains why dudes would walk up to me and touch my stuff, sometimes even putting creamer in my coffee or straws in my tea. They weren’t just being pushy.

It was a test.

(I failed.)

For years now, sad angry men have been filling the internet with complaints and distress calls. Many of them claim they just can’t find a woman. They blame liberals. They blame feminism. They blame everything but each other.

The entire time, millions of women have tried with increasing desperation to explain why they’re opting to live alone, foregoing relationships, and even spending less time in public.

It’s because of this behavior.

Women don’t like being accosted and interrupted when they’re just trying to live their lives. They don’t like it when men keep giving them unwanted attention, especially after they’ve already made it clear they’re not interested. They don’t like being stared at by strangers. They don’t like being grabbed and touched. They don’t like having their personal space invaded or their time wasted.

They don’t like living in fear.

A lot of these men just don’t get it.

They don’t listen.

They go on and on about what nice guys they are and how mean women treat them. Most of them engage in the kind of behavior we’ve described. If some dude puts his stuff on a woman’s table without asking her, she’s not going to smile and ask him to move it.

If someone follows a woman down the street yapping her ear off when she’s clearly on her way somewhere, she’s not going to be nice…