Women Also Explain Things to Me

The word “mansplain” has evolved in meaning.

Many of us already know that mansplaining has gone beyond its original inception. Women do it, too. But some men still get worked up, because we use the word “man,” instead of something else.

Anyone can mansplain. A man can do it to a man. A woman can do it to a woman. Sometimes, a woman can even do it to a man. Still, we need to remember the original roots and the gender dynamics. Otherwise, we’re guilty of appropriation.

Mansplaining would be funny if it weren’t so infuriating. And it would be infuriating if it weren’t so funny. I’ve had my own ideas spoonfed back to me in the most absurd ways, and everyone knew what was happening except the guy doing the splaining.

Some people desperately need to get called on their shit. Especially the repeat offenders. If we called out every instance, though, we’ve never get anything done. We let a lot of stuff slide. You’re welcome.

Mansplaining happens everywhere, all the time, between people at different power levels. How we respond depends on a lot of factors. We’re fortunate to have a word now to describe this experience, even as it evolves.

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