Why You Should Act Like a Bounty Hunter from The Future

The practice of self-expansion through fictional characters.

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Yudin Dmitry

You’re a Survivor

You have a dark past, but you’re still alive. Your dialogue hints at the hardships you’ve faced down, but never too much. The mystique has the bonus of making people curious about you.

You Use Your Head

You don’t get worked up over problems. After all, a world without problems would leave you out of a job. You’ve learned how to stay calm, even when you get stuck in a time vortex. You find your way out.

You’re a Doer

You take matters into your own hands, but only when necessary. While everyone else is freaking out or breaking down, you slip off quietly and get the job done. Because you have to.

You Don’t Need a Spotlight

You prefer the margins and shadows. You never brag or broadcast your plans. The less your targets know, the better. That doesn’t make you shy or reserved — just effective.

You Fix Your Mistakes

Failure happens, but it’s temporary. You don’t get emotional about it. When you make a mistake, you fix it. Like that time you were chasing a fusion thief through ancient Ephesus and accidentally shot Heraclitus.

You Know How to Wait

You know that a bounty hunter never looks busy. They always walk with intention and purpose. They take time to figure out what they want, and then they don’t stop until they have it.

You‘re a People Person

You don’t have that many friends, but they’re the ones you need. You trust them and respect their skills.

You Can Focus

You don’t let distractions run your life. Bounty hunters take one job at a time, and they spend their free time training.

You Embrace Change

You’re highly adaptable. After all, you have to be to blend in when you’re traveling across human history.

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