Who’s afraid of Virginity Wo(o)lf?

Your first time doesn’t have to be a love story.

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My first time happened like this

In college I worked at a bohemian bar where hipsters sold drugs in the bathroom. Everybody knew your name, for the wrong reasons. That’s where I met him.

You’re never “ready” for sex

The idea of making a mistake terrified me. Touching something I shouldn’t. Making a weird noise. Oh, and pregnancy. Or STDs. Sorta dodged a bullet on that one.

Your first time might suck

Sex is such a big deal to young people. Our parents fill our heads with all kinds of expectations. Novels and movies and Netflix give us so many false expectations. For starters, music doesn’t start playing when you make out with someone. You have to provide your own soundtrack.

Your first lover isn’t always/usually your last

Not everyone thinks they’re going to marry their first sex partner. I sorta did. If not marry, at least date for a few months. That didn’t happen. Instead, Neil lost some of his shine.

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She’s the funny one. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

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