We’ve Reached The Final Phase of The Pandemic — Self Preservation

Delta is moving faster than truth.

Jessica Wildfire


It’s like they’re trying to kill us.

Performance politicians like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are calling for open defiance of mask and vaccine mandates. Fast fact: Cruz sends his own children to a private school that requires masks.

Ron DeSantis is threatening to withhold pay from school officials for trying to protect students, even as he begs the federal government for ventilators to combat the devastating surge of hospitalizations in his own state, which he caused with his recklessness. States are introducing laws to block businesses from requiring their employees to get vaccinated. It’s hard to read about all this and believe they want the pandemic to end. It feels like they want it to go on forever. They like the pain it causes. They love sending thoughts and prayers to the families of dead children, whether it’s from a school shooting or a lethal virus they could’ve prevented.

It’s their favorite hobby.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is touring the country, holding super spreader rallies where she encourages her base to confront healthcare workers and volunteers with guns. She and others are actively undermining vaccine campaigns and posting misinformation about masks.

In every single state, anti-vaxxers and covid deniers are harassing healthcare workers and making threats on their lives.

They’re saying, “We know who you are.”

“We will find you.”


You know the truly remarkable thing about this video?

The guy who makes these veiled threats also keeps saying “Let’s calm down.” He chants the word peace. It’s a startling example of the Orwellian logic at work in their heads. They use violence and intimidation, then immediately retreat into the rhetoric of “civil discussion.” Meanwhile, the police act as if they’re offering protection, but they’re…