We’re Tired of Being The Only Hope and The Last Resort

It’s exhausting.

Jessica Wildfire


There’s one abortion clinic left in Mississippi.

One woman had to drive hundreds of miles to get there. Contrary to how the right portrays women who seek abortions, she wasn’t just some whore or a reluctant mom with cold feet. She was suffering from complications. Once she arrived, the clinic couldn’t even perform the procedure. The state of Mississippi requires women to undergo counseling first.

It usually takes all day.

Hundreds of women face the same story. They need abortions but can’t get them, because there’s nowhere to go. It takes too long. They don’t fit the narrow criteria spelled out in laws. So they have children they can’t raise. They risk their lives with unsafe pregnancies.

Lawmakers in the south know what they’re doing. They’ve passed shadow laws that don’t ban abortion outright. They’ve made it practically impossible. They do the same thing with any federal law they don’t like. They work around it. They undermine it.

Then they gaslight you.

When you try to call out their shady maneuvers, everyone tells you that your freedoms aren’t under attack, you’re being paranoid. By the time everyone realizes you were right after all, it’s too late.

This is one of those times.

This is bigger than abortion.

In case you’re wondering, there’s more at stake than abortion.

Right now in Texas, it’s easier to buy a gun and shoot someone than it is to end a life-threatening pregnancy. You have to undergo extensive counseling to have an abortion, but now you can buy a pistol without a background check or any training whatsoever. That’s no accident. The state of Texas has also ditched diversity education and voting rights. They’ve gone back to the wild west, where white guys are in charge and have the guns to prove it. If you don’t like it, then you can leave.

Meanwhile, you have almost no rights if you’re not a white guy with a gun. In practical terms, we have the right to work and the right to buy stuff. That’s just how they want it.