We’re Tired of All The Productivity Advice. It’s Not Helping.

Here’s what life is really like for everyone.

Jessica Wildfire


Here’s a recent conversation:

Self-proclaimed productivity expert: You have plenty of time. Stop making excuses. Learn how to focus. Take my course.

Working mom: I’m trying really hard, but I feel like I might *actually* not have enough time. I’m always tired.

Self-proclaimed productivity expert: So rest.

Wow, I bet she never thought about that.

I’ve got a different suggestion:

Most of us really don’t have enough time.

Here’s the thing, most of us really don’t have time.

We might all have the same 24 hours in a day, but that’s a hilarious oversimplification. A lot of us have these things called jobs, and they’re run by corporate monsters who devote their lives to squeezing every ounce of creativity and productivity out of us. They don’t want us to have anything left over to pursue our own passions or interests. Technically, I’m not even supposed to be running a side hustle. My bosses would pitch a fit if they knew about my blog, and they would use it as an excuse to dump even more work and higher expectations on me. So I keep it a…