We’ll Probably Never Be “Post-Covid”

We’re in for a long haul.

Jessica Wildfire


“We can’t live forever.”

That’s what Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) said about hospitals overflowing with covid patients. She said that while officials sound alarms about the collapse of our healthcare system. She said that while parents explain to one child why the other might never come home from the hospital. She said that while medical centers set up tents for overflows of patients. She said that while doctors and nurses have meltdowns.

In other news, a man killed his own children after falling prey to QAnon conspiracy sites. He thought they possessed serpent DNA from his wife. They were going to destroy the world. I guess in MTG’s mind, these two kids couldn’t live forever either. It’s just as well their father would shoot them with a spear gun before covid got them. The worst part is that while this kind of story gives parents nightmares, it doesn’t bother the likes of MTG in the slightest. She feels no remorse or responsibility.

Imagine saying “we can’t live forever” to someone who just lost their child to a deranged conspiracy theorist. Imagine saying that to this guy, who spent two days with his wife in a hospital:

The GOP has a new slogan:

“We can’t live forever.”

These are their words of comfort and wisdom to everyone who’s suffering at the hands of anti-vaxxers who crowd hospitals and make everyone else wait days on end for treatment. It’s what they tell anyone who becomes collateral damage to their conspiracies and violent agendas.

We can’t live forever, so we might as well die in a way that’s convenient or profitable for their re-election campaigns.

It’s perfect.

We’re drowning in callous indifference.

It’s strange.

At this point, millions of people would rather believe there’s a massive conspiracy to inject them with a microchip than accept…