Welcome to Covid Pandemonium

It’s time to be anti-fragile.

Jessica Wildfire


Three Florida school teachers from the same county died on the same day, all from covid. The year has barely started. Meanwhile, Louisiana hospitals are sending ambulances all the way to Texas, because their ICUs are full. Let’s linger for a minute to appreciate just how insane that last sentence was. One state’s hospitals are full. So they’re sending their patients to another state, whose hospitals are also overwhelmed.

Pediatric hospitals are full. If your kid needs a bed, then they have to wait for another kid to get better or die.

If you pay the slightest bit of attention to the news, there’s only one logical way to interpret what’s going on.

It’s pandemonium.

If you live in the south, the healthcare system isn’t collapsing.

It has collapsed.

We don’t like to tell the truth in America, because we want to live under the illusion we’re a first world country who would never experience anything other than first world problems. Well, it’s time to snap out of it. We took our first world resources and privileges, and we squandered them. You’d better not get sick or have an accident. You’d better not have a heart attack or a stroke. You’d better not get cancer this year.

If you do, you’re in for pure hell.

It’s time to help ourselves.

I’ve wanted to put this in the clearest possible terms:

You’ve got to save your own ass now.

Vaccines alone can’t save us. Hospitals can’t save us. Our bosses can’t save us. Our governments can’t save us. In fact, it’s pretty clear they won’t even try. We just have to mask up and stay away from people.


That’s the current reality.

Sorry, but I’ve gotta say it.

We warned you.

This is the ultimate “I told you so.” Some of us were skeptical about the lack of data on the delta variant. The information just didn’t square. We wanted to proceed with caution. Instead, our bosses tried rushing us back to the office. Doctors penned smug little op-eds in magazines…