We Can’t Afford for Everyone to Have Their Own Opinion Anymore

It’s getting us killed.

Jessica Wildfire


It’s already happening.

Vaccinated people are starting to get sick with the delta variant of the coronavirus, and not just a little sick. They’re getting fevers and chills. They’re becoming vectors of infection for others. Some of them are winding up in the hospital, and even dying. If you’re not vaccinated, then you’re in even deeper trouble. Here, take a look:


It takes as little as ten seconds to catch the delta variant, according to new studies. All you have to do is walk past someone who’s infected. No wonder the World Health Organization has thrown a bucket of ice water over the once gleeful CDC announcement that fully-vaccinated people can basically go out and party. Now they’re telling us to keep masking, and keep maintaining our distance. It’s not a huge surprise.

Let’s be honest, a lot of us were skeptical in the first place. We suspected the delta variant would cause problems.

Does this sound alarmist?

That’s not the point. The point is what it always has been, to exercise a little consideration…