The umpteenth piece on self-promotion

Why your content matters way more than anything else.

Photo by 苏寒 赵 on Unsplash

Content matters the most

Do you really want to be the guy or gal that dreams up social media campaigns for stuff like Goop?

Free Trait Theory

How do you think Hannibal Lecter got so good at convincing people he wasn’t a cannibal? He watched and learned human behavior, then created a disarming persona.

Epic networking fails

Remember the worst networking fail you’ve ever seen. How bad was it? What made it so bad?

The elephant factory

Look, Slick. Just ride this out. You have no idea how bad shit’s going to get after you leave. You’re the Ronald Reagan of the Democratic Party. Just don’t fuck any more interns, and you should come out of this okay.

Focus on the center, not the fluff

The marketing potential is baked in. Think about how many people expel their bodily waste by sitting on a toilet. Not quite everyone, but pretty close.

The commercial’s job was easy — be funny and quirky enough for people to remember the premise. Yep, you’ve been shitting wrong your whole life. You need a stool.

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