The Importance of Owning Your Sh*t

It matters even more than the right apology.

A lot of people don’t own their shit.

We see these types everywhere. They’d rather stay miserable than admit they might’ve done something wrong.

You don’t have to accept apologies.

Maybe you can’t even look at the person who hurt you. It’s okay, apologies are overrated anyway. You don’t always have to give one.

You don’t have to give apologies.

Maybe someone demands an apology from you. But you refuse. They don’t deserve one in your mind, even if you realize you screwed up. It’s possible they screwed up, too, even worse than you did.

You just have to see your mistakes.

It takes a lot of brain power to constantly delude yourself. A person who never admits a mistake can’t think clearly. They’re too busy lying to themselves. They’re bound to repeat the same poor decisions.

You can interrogate yourself.

Owning your shit allows you to ask smart questions about your choices. Sometimes we simply didn’t anticipate the outcome. We did something we thought was okay, then found out otherwise. Other times, we knew what we were doing, but couldn’t quell a temptation.

You can’t always beg forgiveness.

You can rebound from almost any bad call. That doesn’t mean your spouse will forgive you. Or your kids. It doesn’t guarantee the perfect apology will save you from getting fired.

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