The Frauds in Our Lives

We’ve all probably enabled a con artist.

It’s not hard to spot a con artist. You just have to realize that some of them play for low stakes. And they’re not that good at fooling people.

You can spot a fraud because they’re always talking. Never doing. They’re so eager to prove their worth, they’ll hang themselves with their own lies.

Most of us cut frauds too much slack. We give them second and third chances. We’re so busy proving ourselves to ourselves, we don’t have time to unprove someone else. They prey on our self-doubt.

If you suspect you’re working with a fraud, ask them something that you don’t know. Act humble. And see what happens. A fraud will never admit a weakness. They gorge themselves on other’s humility.

True frauds never feel the chill of imposter syndrome. They’ve lied to themselves so well, for so long, they’ve fallen for their own con.

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