The disastrous myth of delegation

Passing off your work to others can increase your stress.

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Tithi Laudthong

You’re still responsible

We aren’t bosses, or we’re middle bosses. We’re held accountable for what we accomplish, or don’t. So when you delegate work — even if your boss encourages you to — guess who still has to answer for mistakes?

Delegation is extra work

Most people who offer help actually don’t know how to do your job. Alas, you might be obliged, so you can look like a team player. That means you have to show them. What a shit sandwich.

Delegation can be a nightmare

When someone offers help, it’s perfectly natural to regard them with suspicion. Think about it. Most competent people I know are fucking busy. They don’t have time for extra work.

Automate, don’t delegate

Delegating usually helps everyone except you. It makes other people feel good. Helps their careers. But if you need to get shit done, stop delegating. Learn faster ways to blow through your work.

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