7 Signs Someone’s Ready to Date

Some people just aren’t yet.

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1. They know how to dress

Someone who’s ready to date knows that faded t-shirts and gym shoes don’t enter the picture until you start spending nights and weekends at their place. It sounds shallow, but there’s a reason.

2. They’re financially independent

All this means is that they have a job, and they can pay their own rent. They can buy their own groceries. Being broke doesn’t disqualify anyone from love, but it should make them rethink their priorities.

3. They’re over all their exes

Every couple winds up talking about old relationships at some point, and some even do that on the first date.

4. They’ve made room in their life for someone

There’s nothing quite like falling for someone before finding out they plan to spend the next four months hiking the Appalachian Trail. Um, thanks for mentioning that halfway through the third date…

5. They tell you what they want

Someone who’s ready to date has thought about what kind of relationship they’re after. Maybe they want something casual. Maybe they want to get married and have kids, starting right now. Maybe they want to take things slow, or they’re up for pretty much anything.

6. They’re okay with you having friends

Toxic lovers want to control your access to your own social circle, and they’ll start right away. The scariest ones even call while you’re out to check up on you — even if they give another reason.

7. They’re dealing with their problems

There’s something a little wrong with all of us. We’ve all struggled with something, whether it was an addiction or some kind of trauma. What makes someone ready to date is the ability to handle it.

Keep your standards up

We think we know better than to date someone who’s not ready. We set standards for ourselves, but then we lower them.

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She’s the funny one. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

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