Take more naps, because science

Sleeping on the job doesn’t make you lazy, just smart.

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Naps and sleep culture

Attitudes toward sleep have finally started to change. Researchers are going public with their findings about what’s wrong with our habits and mindsets about shut eye. And some people are listening. Even some airports are offering sleep pods for fatigued travelers now.

The anatomy of a nap

A nap in the middle of the day helps everyone. Even if you get a full eight hours, they’re not always high quality. You can still feel tired mid-day. You start to get spacey. A little fog settles around your head. It’s hard to concentrate on something simple, like responding to Karen’s email about office supplies, or copier abuse.

My life in naps

Sleep deprivation was a major theme of my 20s. Grad school. Extra jobs. Long distance relationships. Constant travel. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have put myself through all that. But I did, and naps helped.

Let’s bring back nap time

These days, I have less need for naps. But they got me through some of the toughest crucibles. In some ways, I was lucky. Even the worst schedules still accommodated naps. Other people don’t have that option.

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