Stop Getting Pissed Off at Your Nemesis

They can’t stand it when you chill out.

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Identify your lame nemesis.

Everyone has a nemesis in real life. They’re not a singular threat, more of a personality type. They represent the opposite of how you want to live. They’re your antithesis. Simply talking to them for five minutes can trigger you, and all your secret vulnerabilities.

Study your lame nemesis.

Take my nemesis type, the skeptical colleague. They simply have to beat down everyone else’s ideas to make their own look good. They never get anything done, because they devote all their time to promoting their plans and proving that they’re better than yours.

Stop getting pissed off at your nemesis.

Strip their power away by understanding their moves. When you understand what motivates them, they shouldn’t make you angry anymore. You’re giving them too much credit.

Stop fueling your nemesis.

Your nemesis wants to argue with you. They want your time and attention. So disengage. Look around the room, so to speak. Explain your ideas to everyone else. Get them on board.

Foil your nemesis and their plan.

Dealing with a nemesis can take less energy than you think. So you have an aunt who keeps loading your family down with presents. Not even good ones. Just a bunch of junk. You’ve tried talking to them. Instead of listening, they act all cute about it.

You can’t always change people.

At least not by arguing with them. But you can give them consequences. You can proceed with your plan, and let everyone see the results. That tends to beat a nemesis.

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