Someone Out There Knows What You’re Going Through

Sometimes it’s all you need to hear.

We’re performing emotions.

There’s a certain courtesy in faking a good mood for someone. We do it in conversations with strangers. We do it with people we love. We know that sometimes you have to engineer a good time.

Our sense of time has cracked.

Even last year’s memories have a sepia quality now. It feels like a bygone era, governed by a quaint worldview. Sunny optimism is an old record. You can probably find something to play it on, but why?

We feel a little bit hollow.

Even the people who had a good year can’t shake the emptiness at the end of each day lately. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, or trapped inside a house with four other people. We’re all feeling it.

We’re in the anti-climax.

Most of us are craving some sense of closure to the madness of this year, but a Christmas tree feels woefully insufficient, even if it’s nice to look at. It doesn’t matter how many lights and ornaments we string up. Deep down, we know we’re using traditions to moor ourselves.

We’ve seen the dark side.

Boy, have we dehumanized each other this year.

We’re clothed in apathy.

Everyone learned stoicism this year, whether they wanted to or not. It’s not so much that we’re enlightened. We’re just too tired to react to bad news like we were back in March.

We’re finally in mourning.

The holidays are normally a time when we all slow down, and take stock of our lives. Between all the parties and presents, there’s moments of silence where you just sit back and think.

We’re tuned in to different stations.

It’s hard to reach out when everyone’s getting through this time on different music. Some people are soothing themselves with gingerbread and tinsel because they need to. Others can’t stand the sight of snow angels or sleds. They just want to be left alone.

We’re searching for comfort.

Now’s the time when you start hearing about everyone’s resolutions. You start seeing those fitness ads on YouTube.

We’re ready to rest.

Here’s one thing I’ve been hearing a lot lately:

Someone understands how you feel.

Whatever you’re dealing with right now, someone out there has gone through the same thing. They didn’t cheer themselves up, or pull themselves anywhere by their bootstraps. They just sat in one place for a while, and comforted themselves for however long they needed.

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