Reclaiming My Rape Fantasies

It’s time to stop letting people shame us.

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Rape fantasies are the last thing anyone wants to talk about these days. We’re afraid that nuance will jam things up even more. But we should.

You can learn a lot about yourself by exploring your darkest, most taboo sexual desires. Despite what your parents taught you, it’s healthy.

Rape fantasies and role play are paragons of consent. No matter how dark or violent, they hinge on clear communication and mutual respect.

Healthy people fantasize about hundreds of things that they know can never happen in life. A rape fantasy can never violate your consent. When you’re inside your head, you control everything that happens.

A healthy sex life doesn’t mean you engage in missionary style sex with one partner every Friday night. That works for some people, but it’s been held up as the norm for far too long.

We don’t have to let everyone into our bedrooms, but we shouldn’t have to hide there either.

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