Raising a Kid, and a Career

Marriage and parenting forces you to make choices.

Having a kid shouldn’t kill your career, no matter your gender. It changes things, though.

Nobody should have to choose between a promotion and spending time with their family. But companies do this all the time, and it’s completely insane.

Career decisions in marriage involve more than gender politics. If you’re honest, someone’s career has to come first. Someone has the potential to make more, and it requires longer hours or relocation.

Some couples spend years in long distance marriages to preserve their careers. Living with your spouse doesn’t necessarily make you happier, if that means giving up the job you love. Sometimes, one has to take priority. The great thing about today is you get to choose.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or a dad. Once you have a kid, your own career ambitions change. At the least, you have to reconsider your goals in light of the life you just brought into the world.

Having it all actually sucks for normal people. It’s great for the super rich. Ivanka Trump. The Royal Family. Celebrity parents. Their version of “having it all” comes with maids and nannies and personal assistants.

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