Operation Warp Speed Has Already Failed — We’re on Our Own

Everyone knows, even if they won’t admit it.

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The reason is a little embarrassing.

We can’t purchase more of the vaccine now because we’re at the back of the queue. According to recent news, “other countries have rushed to buy up most of its supply,” which means “the U.S. government may not be able to ramp up as rapidly as it had expected” and “keep to its aggressive schedule to vaccinate most Americans by late spring or early summer.”

It gets worse.

While we’re talking about failures in logic, it’s also worth pointing out that nobody on Trump’s team has a plan for distributing the vaccine once they have the doses they did think to order.

We’re used to it by now.

Biden knows about these challenges, as well as the lack of a detailed plan at this late stage, but he won’t be in charge for a few more weeks. Right now is when our leaders should be figuring out the complicated logistics of a mass cold distribution network.

Botched vaccine delivery is business as usual.

Despite the self-congratulations, Trump had nothing to do with the development of the vaccine.

We bet everything on miracle cures.

First there’s Trump, who had multiple opportunities to get this disease under control if he’d just listened to his own experts. Instead, he dangled a vaccine in front of voters for months leading up to the election, for purely political reasons. He and his family touted it as just one of several “miracle cures,” all of which evaporated under closer scrutiny.

We ignored the only tools we had.

While promising a new cure every week, Trump promoted the deadly notion of heard immunity, despite warnings from every credible doctor and health organization on the planet.

It’s game over for America.

The vaccine was our last chance. Like everything else, Trump and his buddies ruined it. They don’t even feel bad.

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