Okay, Medium. I Get It. I’m Not Good Enough.

I’ll be packing my bags.

Jessica Wildfire


Photo by Vyacheslav Sukhanov on Unsplash

Earlier this year, some dude sent me a list of questions. One of them was, “Why don’t you write for major magazines?” Later, he wrote a blog post saying I wasn’t a good writer. If I were, I’d have bylines in places like The Atlantic or The New Yorker.

Before that, another dude wrote an entire blog post about how he doesn’t read my work because it’s “too good,” and suggested to his substantial following that they do the same.

Around that same time, a chick bragged about writing pieces inspired by spite at my success.

Now they just accuse me of doomsaying.

What a bunch of assholes…

For the record, big newspapers and magazines have asked me to write for them, and I turned them down. Getting asked to write for a big magazine used to be something I fantasized about. At this point in my career, I don’t care. I don’t like writing for big publications.

It never works out.

Lately, Medium feels a lot like those assholes. My last post is getting 10 times more traffic on Substack right now, as it sinks down into obscurity here. My work isn’t appreciated by the people in charge, no matter how well it does or how many people like it.

Maybe I should leave?

I’m considering it.

I know a thing or two about mistreatment.

“Remember, you’re not an expert.”

Of course not, I was 21 years old — just some stupid unpaid intern. Time and again, I did research and wrote stories for newspapers that slapped someone else’s name on them (usually a middle aged man’s), because obviously nobody was going to read something by a millennial. It took me an entire year just to earn byline credit.

Editors frequently debated whether to publish my work because it was really, really good, but it was also too deadpan, too laconic, too aggressive, too evocative, too provocative, even if I was writing an opinion piece or a review. They wanted to tone it down, but they were afraid if they did that, it would ruin the piece.