Nobody Ever Has A “Bad Day”

You can deal with your baggage, or it can follow you across time.

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Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Sleep helps reboot our emotions after the first onslaught of bad shit. But the scale of our disaster doesn’t matter. The next day, it remains.

Some people love the idea of “bad days.” It allows them freedom from responsibility. What happens on Tuesday stays on Tuesday.

Time offers nothing but a made up way of organizing events. It can’t solve your problems.

Bad stuff that happens today has repercussions for tomorrow and next week. So you’d better mitigate and damage control now.

A bad day can’t exist. Neither can a good one. Days are just fiction. Temporarily useful.

We assume time heals all wounds. Some of us know better. It doesn’t. Sometimes, it even piles on.

A “new day” will only mean something if you can adjust your course and prepare yourself.

Touch your day, and you’ll still feel the impressions of yesterday’s writing.

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