No, It’s Not You. It Really Is That Bad.

How to tell if you’re toxic or not.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

1. You still do favors sometimes.

Selfishness is the hallmark of a toxic colleague. They make everything about them. They only believe in quid pro quo. They’re the first to complain about their workload or low salary.

2. You still admit your mistakes.

A toxic person never says, “my bad.” They feel no responsibility. No guilt. No shame. You, on the other hand, know the inevitability of fault. You look at your own actions— even in the most unfair hands.

3. You try to cut people some slack.

We all screw up. You don’t want to hang anyone. You just want them to do their job. Own their mistakes. And fix them. Then you want to move on. Sometimes letting things slide is the most efficient way to get things done. Arguments poison progress.

4. You still check yourself.

Maybe things are going to hell. Venting helps, but you’re not tweeting every little snafu.

5. You actually like people.

Remember your friends? You actually have some.

6. You can joke about your job.

Laughter can dissolve the worst crisis. At least for five minutes. When you vent, you probably pause to appreciate the irony of a situation. You might make a sarcastic remark. That’s healthy.

7. You don’t give up, just refocus.

There’s quitting. And there’s being a quitter. A quitter makes a habit out of it. They’ve got a long list of unfinished projects — complete with detailed explanations of what went wrong.

8. You punch your way out.

Or die trying. It’s always possible you’ve wound up in a dysfunctional workplace. One mired in toxic cesspools.

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