Never Let Yourself Grow Up

Toys and make-believe still play a role in adult lives.

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The Lie of adulthood

Most of my friends played almost as much as they worked. They spent hours a week on games, toys, and cartoons. No part of their lives suffered. Most of them were married. Some of them had kids.

The return of childhood

Consider all the unhealthy habits we develop as adults to cope with strife. Anxiety. Frustration.

Godzilla visits UPS

Some adults hate it when others have fun. Especially if that fun looks childish. Another friend of mine worked at a shipping company while saving money for grad school. She got in trouble for playing at work. Specifically, she made a village out of discarded packing materials.

Gamify your life

Gamification has been around for decades, but it’s making a comeback. Some teachers criticize the idea. Education should be hard and boring, because it’s meant to prepare kids and teens for dull lives.

Acting like a kid

Building a bear at the mall won’t solve all your problems. But if it lifts your mood for a couple of hours, why not? It’s better than spending those two hours stressing over something you can’t control.

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