More Than 50 Percent of Men Are Scared Women Will Find Them Creepy

There’s a simple solution.

Jessica Wildfire
5 min readJun 16, 2023
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

“Hey, what about her?”

It came from some dude, talking about my mom to one of his buddies. I was standing in line with her at the post office. I was eight. They leaned back and watched us. They started making comments about me. My mom told me to ignore them.

Eventually, they walked off.

They called us boring.

In college, this guy used to come to my favorite coffee shop almost every day. He bought an ice tea. He found a table across from a cute girl and stared at her until she got uncomfortable and left. Sometimes he stared at me until I moved to another room. Then he stood beside the espresso machine and stared at the barista. She couldn’t leave. Nobody believed they could do anything to stop him.

He had a right to be there, after all.

One time a stranger grabbed my friend’s arm as she was walking into a restaurant. He almost yelled, “You’re so beautiful!”

She screamed.

You see these stories all over the internet. A man blocks a woman in her parking space so he can get her phone number. A man follows a woman into the locker room to ask her out. A man flags a woman down and hands her an…