Life after cool

Popularity matters for a brief time, and then not at all

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Playing the cool game

The popular guys and girls assume their status will transition into college. But it’s a lot harder to stand out in a crowd of twenty thousand. Suddenly they’re not cool anymore. They’re just another person.

My place in the cool crowd

It didn’t take long for me to find my role. I was the token goth/punk/poet. The one who wore weird clothes, but not too weird. Didn’t talk much, but occasionally dropped truth bombs.

Life after cool

Imagine the shock when I started sitting at the nerd table. Oh, the indignity. How could I pass up my chance to be cool?

Cool isn’t that cool

The popular crowd never did anything that special. They formed a tribe. Set up a bunch or rules about how to look and how to act. Tried to enforce them on everyone else.

Artifacts of cool

Coolness and popularity mean almost nothing when it comes to actual life goals. Maybe you can parlay your high school charm into a career on Instagram. You can go into PR and marketing. Which is all about tricking others into wanting things they don’t need.

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