Just Do One Little Thing Right Now

Sometimes life is so easy, it’s impossible

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Photo by Ivan Oboleninov from Pexels

Make your bed

A few years back, a retired admiral and navy seal gave some simple advice during his commencement address at the University of Texas. He reminded everyone to make their bed.

Pay attention to the simple things

Last week I got curious and tweeted a poll asking how many people actually make their beds. So far, 263 votes have rolled in.

Don’t skimp on the basics

The biggest mistake we make is skipping the beginner’s guide. The smarter you are, the more likely you’ll blow past the first chapter of a manual. You’ll try to put IKEA furniture together without the instructions. You’ll make your life harder, because you think it’s supposed to be.

Little things can change your life

Last month I looked around my house and my life and realized a lot of it wasn’t going the way I wanted. There were some big things I needed to take care of, and I wasn’t.

Let go of your big dreams for a minute

Everyone and all the gurus tell you to dream big. Set goals. Change your environment. Don’t give up too soon.

Little things are so easy, they’re hard

We look past the simple stuff exactly because it’s simple. We spend all our time chasing fancy nouns like love, success, happiness, meaning, and purpose. It’s easy to forget — those big nouns are made up of little ones.

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She’s the funny one. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

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