Surviving Job Interviews From Hell

Relax, sometimes you’re actually too good for them.

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Catalin Petolea

It’s not always self-delusion

We all have the potential to delude ourselves. On the other hand, sometimes it’s actually true. You really are too good.

Sometimes you should run away

My worst interview took place at a private high school. First, they sent me a botched schedule, so I showed up an hour late — to the faculty’s dismay. Adding insult to injury, I pointed out the mistake.

Always do a post-game

No doubt, you’ve also survived job interviews from hell. What are you supposed to do after the job you wanted goes up in smoke? How do you deal with the lingering sense of unfairness?

Sometimes interviews go south

Bad interviews happen. I’ve been gas-lit, laughed at, and outright insulted during mine. So have you. It’s easy to walk away from those experiences with a negative image of yourself.

Keep banging on doors

A lot of life follows the same course of job interviews. Think about publishing. Ever query letter you send off. Every email. Every meeting. Every business card you hand out is a kind of interview.

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