I’ve answered your question twice, just not the way you want. Your friend could’ve used a nonlethal weapon to defend herself. She’s lucky that the attacker didn’t use the gun on her. Your problem is that you insist that a gun is the only way to defend yourself. It’s not.

The Gun Violence Archive does record defensive use of guns that don’t result in fatalities or injuries: http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/defensive-use

Look at it if you want, or keep calling it leftist propaganda like a child. Your choice.

The CDC report you reference didn’t conclude anything. It said there’s no reliable data on gun violence, discussed a wide range of different studies, and articulated a need for more research. Gun rights groups cite the 3 million figure completely out of context. In fact, the Gun Violence Archive was founded in a direct response to the inconclusiveness of the CDC report.

You accuse me of using fake facts, but you yourself completely misinterpret studies to suit your own biases. I think we’re done here. You’re a lost cause, no longer worth my time.

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She’s the funny one. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

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