It’s Hard to be Authentic

But trying is usually enough.

Authenticity takes time.

You don’t always know what you’re thinking or feeling. You have to go after yourself with a shovel and a pick axe. Even then, it’s not over. You have to figure out how to express all that to someone.

Authenticity transcends taste.

Maybe you remember this random starlet from last decade. She named herself after a kind of alcohol. Made jokes at concerts about forgetting the lyrics to her own songs. Now she’s turned away from the L.A. lifestyle, and wants you to gofundme her first gospel album.

Authenticity calls for respect to your craft.

And then there’s Vanilla Ice. The guy who made his biggest hit by singing the same three words over a song by Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. The guy who had so little respect for the musical canon, he thought nobody would notice he was ripping off an iconic rock song.

Authenticity calls for humble confidence.

Rock gods talk about a weird kind of confidence required of them. You have to believe you belong on a stage in front of a million people. But you can’t think you’re better than any of them.

Authenticity transcends money.

Artists deserve to make cash off their work. And yet, we often net criticism for focusing too much on money. We doubt our own intentions. How do we test our creative drive for authenticity?

Authenticity makes you financially vulnerable.

Artists have a sad history of being exploited, exactly because we’d keep working for free if we had to.

Authenticity transcends safety.

To grow, you have to take risks. Try new genres. Experiment with new styles. Learn to live and learn from failure.

Authenticity means admitting your screw ups.

Sometimes we don’t live up to our genuine selves. We try, and fail, and sometimes people expect too much from us. We disappoint. We let others down. But we keep trying, and that’s what matters.

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