It’s About Time to Think About Saving Your Own Skin

Play time is over.

Jessica Wildfire


Photo by Alex Bierwagen on Unsplash

It’s all hitting at once.

I never thought I’d be lurking on survivalist forums and watching YouTube tutorials on catching rainwater, and yet…

Here I am.

I don’t live on a beautiful little farm in the country. I don’t have a secret bunker where I can bug out. I don’t have a small fortune to spend on MREs, or even an acre of land to farm. I’m stuck where I am, and yet those of us who are paying attention are doing what we can.

Freedom convoys. Supply shortages. Super inflation. Droughts. Mega fires. Mega storms. Crop failures. We’re not going to get a break any more. This is it, for the foreseeable future. I mean, one of our senators just straight up said he hopes truckers clog up major cities, and soon. He wants commerce to jam. He wants empty grocery stores and people waiting for vital medicine. He wants bridges blocked. He wants damage to the economy. If you call me a doomsayer, I don’t know what you call that.

If it’s not a sign…

We’re not even remotely done with the coronavirus, and there’s already a “highly pathogenic” form of bird flu spreading around the world. A farm in Indiana just had to cull 30,000 turkeys. Another farm in Japan recently culled every single one of their 45,000 birds. It’s spreading through North Carolina, too. Officials have already said this strain “has the potential to cause extreme mortality.” They’re not messing around.

Boy, this sounds familiar.

Yeah, this is gonna be bad.

Time and again, experts tried to warn us. They said we were entering a pandemic era, meaning more than one.

Well, here we are…

The last thing we need right now is a highly lethal form of avian flu killing off a big portion of our food supply.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter what we want or need. It’s going to happen. Now imagine what comes next, when everyone who loves fried chicken suddenly has to find something else to eat. You think shelves look bare now? You think fast food is struggling?

Just wait…