I’m Sick with Covid, and The Zombie Apocalypse Has Started

I have some things to say.

Jessica Wildfire


Photo by Brett Wharton on Unsplash

So, I’ve got Covid.

Since we’re starting a new wave, let me tell you how this variant feels. I’ve spent the last three days in bed, hobbling to the kitchen for water and nibbling bagels. Body aches. Shooting pains. Fever. Fatigue.

I’ve never had a “cold” like this.

I can write, but it’s going slow. There’s no way I’d be able to fly a plane or give someone CPR. That’s the bigger problem. Without vaccines, I have no doubt I’d be in an overcrowded ER right now, with a front row seat to the final collapse of our healthcare system.

Let me put this up front: Nobody should have to go through this. Nobody should spend two years wearing a mask and avoiding crowds, only to get infected anyway and then spend the next year having to manage the stress of whether they’ll develop Long Covid, lose their job, their life savings, and wind up homeless. That’s what this country has done to countless people, all while telling everyone to “live your life.”

I have some things to say.

For the last time, it’s not a cold.

The BA.5 variant is the worst yet. It’s killing people fast.

Take a look:

We’re not prepared for this at all.

BA.5 just became the dominant variant, and deaths are already shooting straight up. I don’t know where they’ll stop this time. Everyone’s on vacation, because they’ve been thoroughly brainwashed by the media into thinking Covid is over. One newspaper even suggested that brain damage is a silver lining, because it gives you a break from having to think about all the world’s other problems, like war and famine.

Long Covid is already driving up suicides and homelessness, because survivors can’t work anymore and there’s no help. So even if I don’t die next week, I’ve got all that to watch out for.

Some silver lining…

Everything we were told was wrong.