I’m pretty sure I also have a weird brain (and maybe Michael Thompson too?). I have a weird reaction to the word “positivity,” but I like the choice part. You and me and us choose to do the therapy, the medication, the running, the late night gym trips, the whatever it takes part, because it’s the path to the stuff we like. I know some dynamo writers on here like Jason Weiland who write great stuff even if getting out of bed some days feels impossible. A lot of my favorite musicians like Chris Cornell, Dave Gahan, etc, struggled with depression and drug abuse and suicide ideation their entire lives. They fought it — as long as they could/can.

I can’t stand the writers who talk about positivity as if it’s an easy thing. It’s not. But I think some of us get it — like Ayodeji Awosika, Shannon Ashley, John Gorman, and so many others I can’t list out here because it would look…weird. (Just scroll through the list of writers I follow. :) )

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She’s the funny one. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

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