I’m a Teacher. I’m About to Quit.

So are thousands of others.

Jessica Wildfire


Two billionaires walk into a bar…

The first one talks about the fortune he wants to build. He says, “I want to make so much money, my granddaughter doesn’t ever have to get a real job. She can just go be a teacher or something.” The second billionaire says, “Why don’t we just pay teachers fairly now?”

The first billionaire laughs.

That’s an actual conversation, except the other billionaire was Dan Price — and he’s not a billionaire. He’s a CEO who became famous for actually paying his employees what they’re worth.

I’ve been teaching for over ten years. I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was a kid. It was my dream job. I even got a PhD.

Now, I’m about to quit.

Here’s why:

The classroom isn’t a safe space anymore.

The MAGA students are getting worse. They’ve always complained about safe spaces. The classroom is supposed to be one.

They don’t like that.

They’ve turned classrooms into one of the most dangerous places in the world. Imagine a bunch of people with different views and experiences, all randomly thrown together in a room and asked to talk to each other while learning how to debate topics like abortion and global warming. Now let some of those students have guns, and add a deadly virus.

I’ve got a handful of straight up MAGA assholes in my classes this year. They’re anti-masking, anti-vaxxing conspiracy theorists.

How bad are they?

They’re pretty terrible. They think kicking Trump off Twitter wasn’t fair. They think the Texas abortion ban was a huge victory. They think liberals are panicking about the coronavirus. They think we’re not executing enough criminals, and that slavery never happened.

They hate my school’s mask mandate.

A few years ago, there was always one student you couldn’t have a reasonable debate with. Now there’s too many.

They’re dangerous.

I’ve never felt threatened by students before, not on this level. Now they can actually hurt me, just…