How to Survive Yourself

We do a lot of things that make our problems worse.

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Tone down your inner monologue

Part of us always wants to exaggerate our struggles. We want to be the heroine in our own Danielle Steel novel. Even guys. Don’t lie. We want a dramatic narrator, who makes our daily problems sound poetic and meaningful. We want a score by John Williams.

Minimize your brooding

We all like to feel sorry for ourselves. It’s even worse when you have a legit reason to fret about your job, your marriage, or your kids. We brood most when a situation falls outside our control.

Don’t internalize every opinion

Some people pride themselves on not caring about what anyone else thinks. Others care what everyone thinks.

Complain the smart way

I’m a fan of venting to friends and trusted colleagues. But you can’t bitch to them every day, about everything. They have lives, too, and they might start to resent your negativity.

Clean your kitchen

Think about the last thing that pissed you off. For me, that happened about two hours ago. My first impulse was to send an angry email. Instead, I cleaned my kitchen and cooked three days’ worth of pasta.

Dealing with futility

Our emotional states fluctuate all the time. Things piss us off. We oscillate between righteous anger and crippling self-doubt. Sometimes, we might even wonder what matters, if anything.

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