How to Stop Caring So Much

Overthinking can kill your performance and creativity.

Understand what it feels like to stop caring.

People tell themselves they don’t care all the time. They’ll tell you something doesn’t matter. But how do you know they’re telling the truth?

Stop setting so many goals.

You have one job. No matter what profession, everything comes down to a single, key objective. Make something that matters. It has to matter to you first. Then it has to matter to someone else.

Slow down and take your time.

Deadlines matter. Sometimes you have to impose them on yourself. But you also need to take deliberate, decisive steps. You have to let yourself sit and think about something for a while. Even days.

Figure out what you really want to do.

So many aspiring whatevers try to jump straight into their marketing plans. Hold up a sec. Nobody will give a courtesy flush about your product if you’re not excited about it.

Lose yourself in the moment, over and over.

Anyone who stresses over stats and sales is wasting their time. Worry consumes huge amounts of creative energy. No single piece of content is going to make your career. At least, probably not.

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