How to Procrastinate like a Pro

Sometimes it’s smart to drag your feet on work.

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You need a break first

More studies show that true productivity requires plenty of rest. The 40 or 50-hour work week has come apart under scrutiny.

Something else needs attention

Imagine you’ve sat down and rolled up your sleeves. You’re ready to dive into whatever project you wanted to prioritize. But wait. Your office looks a little dusty. Your books aren’t shelved properly.

Running errands isn’t procrastination

Forcing yourself to do work when you’d rather be cleaning doesn’t make you a more productive person.

Embrace your attention deficit

Everyone can feel like they have ADD at times. Random thoughts keep flying at you from a dozen directions. Meanwhile, you’re trying to direct your attention to one thing.

The reason you’re procrastinating

If you’re googling Christina Ricci, you need help. Maybe you’re not lazy or scared. Maybe your project is boring.

The Myth of Productivity

We’d all like to be that person who makes use of every minute. The entrepreneur who keeps moving and never misses a beat. Or we think we do. But in truth, we don’t.

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