How to Lose Friends and Alienate Everyone Around You

  • You pretended to be in a good mood, even when you weren’t
  • You had a ridiculous fake laugh
  • You tried too hard to make everyone like you
  • You gave pep talks that nobody wanted to hear
  • You wanted everyone’s approval
  • You were so impressed with yourself
  • You never told anyone what you were really thinking

1. Never say thanks for anything

Showing a little gratitude is the simplest way to make someone like you. That’s the only thing most of us want for going out of our way. You don’t even have to say the exact words “thank you.” You can just return favors, praise the job they did, or pay it forward in your own quiet way.

2. Try to imitate your way to cool

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen happened during a double-keynote address. The first speaker literally danced up to the stage and gave a talk that ended in standing ovations.

3. Think you’re something special

When you think you’re special, you don’t even have to say anything to piss everyone off. They can see it in your face. They can hear it in your voice, and the way your shoes hit the floor.

4. Spew toxic positivity all the time

Honestly, it’s just as bad as complaining. Not everyone always wants or needs cheering up. Sometimes we need to air out our emotions, solve a real problem, or commiserate with someone for a minute.

5. Turn your back on someone who needs help

Actually helping someone is the most straightforward way to build a real relationship. But not everyone understands the basics. They focus so much on gaining the admiration of everyone, they forget that the everyone they’re chasing is composed of individuals.

You don’t have to be super likable

There’s a difference between wanting to get along with everyone and wanting them to adore you. The first one’s possible.

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