How to Get Your Wife to Stop Nagging You about Housework

A guide for pre-woke husbands

Jessica Wildfire
5 min readDec 10, 2019


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

We’re knee deep in the 21st century, and men still complain about their wives “nagging” them over household chores. Honestly, I thought we’d have robots doing all this by now.

So I guess everyone’s a little disappointed.

Anyway, the men who complain the most run banks and Fortune 500 companies. They give Tedx Talks. They top the charts in self-help genres. And yet, they don’t know how to chop an onion or boil rice. They rely on their wives and/or daughters to do this for them. When their wives tell them to help out a little, it’s called “nagging.”

How do we solve this problem? How do men get their wives to stop nagging them? I have some ideas…

Maybe stop calling it nagging

Asking someone to do half of the housework isn’t nagging anymore. If your boss criticized you for doing a bad job, or not showing up to work on time, you wouldn’t call it nagging.

Think of your marriage like a job. It kind of is. You signed a contract and everything. You don’t get to complain about doing your share. And you shouldn’t really get to brag about it, either.

But your wife is cool. She’ll let that slide. It’s okay to take a little pride in carrying your own weight.

Do your own laundry

Every person in my house has their own set of hampers. You put your clothes in them. Shirts. Pants. Socks. Underwear. Towels. And so on. When the hamper fills up, you do a load. You dry it. You fold it.

Here’s a simple tip if you’re scared about screwing up: Wash everything on cool dark. Nothing will shrink or bleed.

Your clothes will reach a basic standard of clean — assuming you didn’t douse them in mud or gasoline.

Take turns with groceries and cooking

Nobody should get stuck with all the meal prep. Come up with a schedule that works. Make a grocery list together in Excel. If one of you wants special ingredients, then guess what? You can go get them yourself. A man who knows the layout of a Kroger is one sexy beast.