Hey, I think you’ve got something here! (Call me nuts.)

But what if… The girl here actually didn’t fully *know* what she was capable of. She blacked out, and killed someone about to sexually assault her (or worse.) From here, I’d expect her to stay in the hospital dealing with the police, etc, for a few hours until something else terrible happens. Friends of the guy she killed show up to finish her off maybe…

That’s when she breaks out of her handcuffs and trashes her would-be killers, then escapes.

I’m guessing next she’d seek refuge. Maybe with an unlikely friend?

This sounds like the opening to a novel, comic book, and Netflix series all in one. So, just a thought?

It’s just that reading this, I got chills. It’s really good.

Written by

She’s the funny one. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

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